Wednesday, 22 August 2007


I have been off and quietly blogging in the last few weeks. Privately to see if I could do it regularly again - to see if I could muster the same drive that I once did. I realised that I needed to blog, and needed to get back in contact with people I had completely abandoned in my own selfish way.

But blogging I am and I have dropped all my old posts from both blogspot journals into the one wordpress blog so that all my meanderings are in the one place. And meanderings they are. Therefore I am now at It's a simple place. I can't muck around with the code, I don't know how to make it prettier, cleverer, I don't know how to add fancy things to it. And that is just the way I need it. It is a receptacle for my thoughts and my plans. And yes, it will be mainly about getting back into shape and losing the weight I have gained back, but it will be a little more. I don't have many people to talk to - to get things off my chest - so my little space on the web will have to be it.

I will be closing the blogspot blogs shortly - no point me clogging up the whole internet LOL.

Thursday, 5 April 2007


"Holidays are a time to have fun, reflect, and realise how lucky we are" Anon

I am on holidays from tomorrow until ANZAC day and I am going to take this time to have some fun with my family, reflect on my current situation and put into place more actions to get me in a better place. I have had my head in a funk for quite some time now and I have been keeping in touch with people and I have been quietly lurking around some sites, but I have put my blinkers on and have really focussed on the job that I need to complete at the moment and I am hoping this will be almost complete at the end of the two weeks. Then I can take a deep breath and move on to the next action point- which is me :)

Funnily though it was through my reading that I came across a really interesting post on the site which asked us to contemplate the question "what if we were fat and had terminal cancer?" It was a great, thought provoking post and whilst reading it I realised that my Mother IS fat and has terminal cancer. She lives each day with a smile on her face and a ready smart alec comment and do you think she spends hours a day obsessing over the scales, or wondering if "her bum looks big in this"? NO. And it made me realise that I think I have had difficulty in the last few months returning my focus because part of me feels this focus is a bit petty. And the obsessive focus is. But the intent on better health is not, so since reading that article I have found my cravings (real or imagined) have subsided, my penchance for finishing the boys dinner has disappeared and I am being a little more observant about what and when I eat. And I feel better for it. It is only a few days, and they are only small steps, but I will take each one and hopefully keep improving it.

As it is now the eve of the Easter Long weekend and the beginning of the 1st school holidays I wish all of you a safe and happy holiday.

M x

Friday, 16 March 2007



"to torment oneself with or suffer from disturbing thoughts; fret" -

This is the best description of what I have been doing in my own head for the last few weeks. And since I had been getting some subtle, and some not-so-subtle, nudges to pull my finger out of my butt I thought I had better do it.. (and thank you *hug*)
All of my worry is money related. Worry about the future, worry about paying the bills, worry about saving, worry about schooling and being able to buy what we need, etc. We have not been the smartest with our money and it has come back to bite us big time. We are trying to balance reducing our debt with having enough money to live and have fun. We have set up different structures on how we operate our business and I have been immersing myself in the world of GST, FBT, PAYG, Super, Workers Comp Insurance, and all the bits and pieces that go in-between. I thought I had hit an all time low after reading the 192 page FBT document but have managed to pull myself out of it. I know that the work I put in now, will ensure that we are building a stable base to build our future on. And this takes time and effort.
And it will be worth it.
It WILL be worth it. (as I sit and look around and the tree's worth of documents I have printed out - on two sided, recycled paper of course!!)
In other news:
The meet up with CKK and Jadey for the Palm Beach was FABULOUS and I am looking forward to going back there on the 29th to catch up with more people. (I had written a much larger post at the time and emailed it home but it seems so out of date now)
The original trapeze fell through due to a scheduling issue and I didn't pick up the 2nd option but this is still something I will do in the future. But I did have a wonderful evening spending time with some great people, even if they are all cheaters LOL...
I never got past week two of Beck's Bloggest Loser challenge as I think I have been in a deep cleaning state ever since. I did my pantry and after throwing out food and medicine that was up to 4 years old I had to admit that I had let things slide in a big way. So whenever I have a chunk of time I am getting into the jobs I have put off for years (top drawers, hidden cupboards, the linen press) and just chucking stuff out and cleaning things I want to keep and use and generally making the storage spaces work for me.
I finished the BLIII comp I was in and I lost 1.8kgs over the 4 weeks.
I have since put it all back on again and more as I have been eating my worry.
I have given up diet coke. Again.
This hasn't helped in the eating department as I now can see in the weeks proceeding giving it up I had actually stopped eating normally and was getting all of my energy and liquid from d.coke.
This caused me to hit a state of exhaustion that all came out during a Chiropractic visit last weekend that left me almost unable to move through sheer tiredness.
Oh, and I think part of it is because Mark gets on a plane at 8.00am on a Monday morning and comes home at 8.00pm on a Friday night. And has done so for the last 5 weeks.
I am feeling a lot more energetic since about Wednesday when the headaches stopped.
I have done all the washing.
I have cleaned the kitchen.
There is food in the fridge that is not processed.
The amount of water I am drinking has increased out of sight.
I am still growing my Avon business and meeting new people in my neighbourhood each campaign.
The house is tidy today so when I come home tonight I will be met with peace and calm and not the normal state of chaos.
I am loved.
And that is enough to keep me going until I can get some normalcy into my routine and get back on track with my eating and my exercise.

Tuesday, 13 February 2007



"Education would be much more effective if its purpose was to ensure that by the time they leave school every boy and girl should know how much they do not know, and be imbued with a lifelong desire to know it" - Sir William Haley

Unlike my little precious who at age 5 and the grand master of being at school for a sum total of 10 days (including today) has decided that he knows everything LOL. School is still going well and every morning he rushes out of bed to get dressed in his uniform and to insist it is time to go "right now!". And then normally it is a quick goodbye and I am off to deliver younger master off to child care. But not this morning. This morning was a leg grabbing, neck strangling, tear-fest of titanic proportions. I am glad to say I made it all the way to the car with the screams still ringing in my ears before I started crying.

And dammit I did my make up this morning because I am going to an Avon '"sales event" tonight. How hilarious. I made sure all my makeup, jewellery, bags etc are all Avon. Just for the giggle. I wonder if I will win a prize??

The only prize I want is cuddles when I get home.


I did win prizes. Whooo Hoooo. Two for being in the top ten sales for a couple of campaigns, and one for reaching a particular milestone for newbies. It's always fun getting stuff. I really wanted the tiara's given to a couple of the other ladies but I suppose that is what I have to aspire to LOL.

And I got loads of cuddles. From about 2.00am through to 6.00am. Loving it. :)

Thursday, 8 February 2007



the fact or state of knowing; the perception of fact or truth; clear and certain
mental apprehension. Source -

It's a funny thing this blogging caper. The very act of thinking clearly enough to be able to post, or posting clearly enough to be able to think, seems to set things in motion or improves clarity of understanding to a level that still surprises me.

For example. I know that 2005 was a good year for me. I started losing weight, I found out how to be myself a lot more, I met and kept a great bunch of new friends. Then 2006 was not such a great year and my last post last year pretty much put the blame on external circumstances - worry about health, family, finances, etc. But was it really such a different year to the year before?


It only seemed to be because I did not spend the entire year focussing just on me. I did that in 2005 to the extent that I was not able to see anything else. However as I became stronger physically and mentally I allowed myself to open up and see what was around me and face the problems that were already there with a strength to be able to deal with them. Some things did knock me about more than others but for the first time in years I was able to deal with things that I had put in the 'too hard basket'.

Sure I gained a little weight, but I gained a whole lot more perspective.

Weekly wrap up
- Need to maintain focus as it slipped a little in the last 3 days.
- Lost 400gms in first week of BLIII challenge.
- Setting alarm each day to get up earlier, but boys are beating me to it by 'being scared', or wetting the bed, so morning exercise has been difficult. Todays was done but not sure if my eyes were open.
- Hit 10,000+ steps for the first time since last year.
- Water intake needs to be improved (buy new water bottle at lunch time).
- Weekly meal planning needs to be improved (write up weeks plan tonight).
- Feeling positive about direction I am heading in.
- Maintaining excitement about trapeze rather than allowing myself to be scared.

Monday, 5 February 2007

The Bloggest Loser

The Bloggest Loser

A bloody good idea - M

Beck has updated her blog and set up The Bloggest Loser challenge. If you are interested in playing along please head over to the site and have a read.

My entry details are below and I will update each Monday, along with my normal Monday stats. Will be interesting to see what happens as I haven't taken measurements in a while.

Before Shots

Before Stats

Squats in 5 mins:
Crunches in 5 mins:
Distance I can walk in 10mins:

Before Measurements

Neck00.0 cm
Upper Arm (L)00.0 cm
Chest000.0 cm
Under Chest000.0 cm
Waist00.0 cm
Hips000.0 cm
Butt00.0 cm
Thigh (L)00.0 cm

After Shots

Before Stats

Squats in 5 mins:
Crunches in 5 mins:
Distance I can walk in 10mins:

After Measurements

Neck00.0 cm
Upper Arm (L)00.0 cm
Chest000.0 cm
Under Chest000.0 cm
Waist00.0 cm
Hips000.0 cm
Butt00.0 cm
Thigh (L)00.0 cm

Sunday, 4 February 2007



addled, agape, aghast, agog, appalled, astonished, astounded, awe-struck, awed, baffled, befuddled, bowled over, confused, dazed, dazzled, disconcerted, dizzy, dumbfounded, dumbstruck, flabbergasted, flipped out, floored, flustered, giddy, lost, misled, muddled, mystified, perplexed, punchy, puzzled, rattled, reeling, shocked, shook up, speechless, staggered, startled, struck speechless, stumped, stunned, stupefied, surprised, taken aback, thrown, thunderstruck, uncertain, unglued - Source -

I had so much to say. But after watching the cricket (whoo hooo) and after watching The Biggest Loser I have nothing to say. Actions speak louder than words so hopefully my 15 minutes on the bike and 15 minutes of arm exercises will help those actions scream.

Friday, 2 February 2007



"Any idea that is held in the mind that is either feared or revered will, begin at once to clothe itself in the most convenient and appropriate physical forms available" - Andrew Carnegie Source: You Were Born Rich - Bob Proctor

Years ago I attended a two day seminar entitled "You Were Born Rich". It was a brilliant weekend with a great facilitator, a good group of people, and information that I probably still, in some aspects, use every day.
And to clarify what this weekend was about it was not all about money. Or wealth. Or any type of scam. It was about the premise that at the precise moment you are born, you are created with all the ability to have a rich and full life. Then a split second later the outside influences of nature and nurture step in and each of us is carried along on a path that is not in our control for many many years. The seminar was about what you can do once you are in control. What practices you can put into place to ensure you are living, having, giving to your full potential. One of these things is to understand that each and every thing on this earth has a vibration - an energy. Each moves at a certain speed which gives off an energy which can be 'felt'. And if you are moving at the same vibration as that you wish to seek (health, wealth, happiness etc) then the two will be more easily attracted to each other.

For example when you buy a new car. As soon as you buy it you instantly notice them everywhere on the road. Or Philippa getting a piercing and now noticing it on the street. This is because the energy or vibration of your mind is attune more closely to that particular thing. It also explains why you can be thinking of someone, and then they ring.

It is amazing how I now can see that happening to me. Last night there was a flyer in my letterbox about a Beginners Yoga Programme starting in my area. It is in the evenings after the boys have gone to bed and it is close by. The cost is reasonable $170.00 for 10 weeks but the flyer was put in the letterbox too late. The sessions started last Monday. So I am choosing not to do this one and miss out on one week but I have rung and they will be doing another one a little later in the year. Which gives me time to save. Which also aligns better with the money plan. Which I will set out soon.

So now I just need to keep vibrating at the right speed and see what happens..

Thank you for re-visiting my blog. I am updating it as I go so if you don't see your name on the blogroll or I have not yet popped in to say hello - please forgive me. It is a work in progress and I will get there :)

** Edit ** News just in. Jadey has organised an early morning walk and breakfast for Saturday 17th February (the week before trapeze) so if you are interested and can make it, let her know at Operation Roxy. See those get fit vibrations are finding their way to me LOL

Thursday, 1 February 2007



Something that by its nature or character serves as a call to battle, contest, special effort, etc. Source -

Well it is on again - the Biggest Loser Challenge at Mark's work. BL III. It starts today and lasts for the entire month of February. The rules are as follows.

1) Weigh in. Register your weight on a private website link.

2) Lose weight. Regularly update your weight either by weighing in at home, at a weight loss centre, or on the industrial scales in the office (I'm kind of glad I don't work there!)

3) Do not drink alcohol. If you drink you are no longer eligble for the title of the Biggest Loser. (statistics they provided from the results of the last two years show that those contestants who did not drink lost more than double the weight of those who did)

4) Send in official last weight. The highest percentage weight loss wins.

5) Feel better, healthier, happier.

OK. Seems simple enough. I have registered. I have dusted off and calibrated my scales at home and taken my first reading (81.4kgs - not to be confused with the Chemist weigh in's which are about 3kgs heavier). I will be weighing whenever I feel like it and registering the weight on the website. I don't care that people at Mark's work will have access to this information. I know that access is restricted to two people and that only the percentage lost will be listed in the weekly Newsletter. I need to get back to being more publically accountable as that is a big motivator for me.

How am I going to get a good result this month?

1) I am going to drink more water. 2 - 3 L per day

2) I am going to eat healthy foods within my daily points allowance (which now is 22pts for at least 1.4kgs)

3) I am going to exercise in a manner which encourages weight loss and return of fitness. As well as a bit of toning for good measure. And let's chuck in a spot of trapeze just to make things interesting.

4) I am going to remain positive and do things in a positive manner to reinforce that I am doing a good thing.

I am sick of feeling sick and tired and bloated and lethargic and it is time I stepped up the challenges to myself. I am giving myself a call to battle - though have not yet worked out an appropriate battle cry. I am sure it will come to me LOL.

BLIII - Challenge Stats

Todays DateCurrent Weight Total Loss%
Feb 0181.40.0kgs00.0
Feb 0280.90.5kgs00.6
Feb 0380.90.5kgs00.6
Feb 0480.31.1kgs01.4
Feb 0580.60.8kgs00.9
Feb 0680.60.8kgs00.9
Feb 0780.90.5kgs00.6
Feb 0881.00.4kgs00.5
Feb 1280.31.1kgs01.4
Feb 1380.21.2kgs01.5
Feb 1479.81.6kgs01.9
Mar 0179.61.8kgs02.2

Wednesday, 31 January 2007



feeling pleasure or satisfaction over something regarded as highly honorable or creditable to oneself (often fol. by of, an infinitive, or a clause). Source -

Today was Darcy's first day of school. He was a champion and I am very proud of my big little boy. We have been practicing for school and he has been wearing his uniform for about a week, and we practiced for a couple of days eating from a lunch box so he would know what to expect. And even though he is practiced in the art of being dropped off at childcare there was always going to be a question of whether he would scamper into class happily, or dissolve in a flood of over-excited tears. I am happy to say he scampered with almost no backward glance. He did stop and wave and say "Bye" and then he was off. I needed no further push and turned and headed out the door before he changed his mind. It was a great morning :D

If I can get him to be that happy every morning for the next 12 school years I will be a very happy Mummy indeed LOL.